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Data Backup

backup disks

Your Data Needs a Backup

Do you have a current backup of your computer data? In the event that your disk drive crashes, which is more common than you think, you'll want to be able to restore your computer data with the least amount of down-time. We can install backup software on your computer and configure it to backup either to another disk drive and/or to an online cloud storage. If your hard disk crashes, we can install a new hard disk and recover your computer to the time it was last backed up.

Below are two of our recommended backup solutions. Either software is great to have and having both is the best backup solution.

Acronis True Image

We highly recommend everyone that owns a computer use Acronis True Image. The software creates a full backup image of your computer like a snapshot image. If anything happens to your disk drive, we can restore your computer using the most recent backup and restore the backup image to new disk drive. Your computer will be fully operational after recovery completes. Most recovery processes usually take 1-3 hours meaning less down-time for you and your business.
Acronis True Image

Carbonite Online Backup

If you're looking for a more redundant backup procedure, look no further than the popular and inexpensive Carbonite Online Backup. Carbonite backs up all selected files to an online cloud storage center. They also offer HIPAA regulated backups for businesses that require backup retention. It is not an image backup solution like Arconis True Image. However, Carbonite will ensure your files remain safe, even after a fire or flood disaster.
Carbonite Online Backup

Data Transferring Services - Starting at $50 *

When purchasing a new computer you will probably want your files from your old computer on your new one. We can transfer over files to your new computer which include documents, pictures, music, videos, downloads, favorites, and more. We also can clone your disk drive to a new or better disk drive such as a solid state drive for increased performance.

Our Guarantee

Hardware repairs come with a 30 day labor warranty. If your computer breaks down with the same problem within 30 days of the repair, we will fix it at no labor cost to you. Any warranty work must be inspected, diagnosed, and performed by an Alpha Computer Experience computer repair technician or the warranty is void. No warranty for virus/malware/adware infections, operating system crashes, or software issues. Parts used for repair, or any equipment/supplies sold to you are subject to the manufacturer's warranty only. Most manufacturer warranties generally last about 12 months. Please ask us for details to specific parts, equipment, or supplies that you purchase. All sales are final. No refunds. If you are not 100% satisfied with any of our services, Alpha Computer Experience will do everything reasonable to resolve the problem for you.

Note: For each on-site service call, the hourly charge is also the minimum charge. Additional time billed at 30 minute increments rounded up. All service rates are for labor charges only and excludes costs of parts.

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